3/8″ To 1″ One-Handed Heavy Ratchet Pex Clamp Tool

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100 in stock

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Tubing Compatibility: PEX Fitting System Compatibility: Clamp Application: 3/8″ PEX 1/2″ PEX 5/8″ PEX 3/4″ PEX 1″ PEX Type: Tool

3/8″ to 1″ One Hand Heavy Duty Ratchet Pex Clamp Tool

User Guide Notes:

Completed crimps must meet the dimensional requirements of ASTM F1807, F2159, F845 or F1380 fitting standards.

The Crimp/Clamp Tools are user adjustable. When the tool makes unsatisfactory crimps it must be adjusted (use adjust pin).

The Crimp/Clamp Tools must be checked for correct adjustment at the start of every day. Each clamp ring shall be gauged to ensure that it has been crimped properly and for the accuracy of the tool.


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