Magnetic Float Switch For Metal Secondary Drain Disk

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Wire Size: 6′ Product Type: Switch Position: Normally Closed Normally Open

The AguaGuard AG-1100+ is the industry leading magnetic float switch for metal secondary drain pans and has a trigger sensitivity of less than 1/2″ of condensate overflow. When the highly buoyant float activates the precision magnetic switch, the AG-1100+ will automatically shut off the HVAC/R system and activate any connected alarm. The AG-1100+ has been redesigned with a higher 24VAC, 5 amp capacity to protect against power fluctuations and features a smaller, more compact footprint than our original AG-1100. Incredibly easy to install in ten seconds or less, the AguaGuard AG-1100+ can be mounted to a metal secondary drain pan by simply tightening two thumbscrews without intruding into the pan. The AG-1100+ also has an easy lift float pin test knob to ensure sensor reliability. The AG-1100+ magnetic float switch’s protective cover keeps out debris, pests and insulation that can become trapped and block or clog competitors’ float switches, which causes them to fail. Plus, with a normally open 3rd wire for optional external alarms, digital controllers or energy management systems, the AG-1100+ can be used in both residential and commercial applications. For additional features, the AG-1100+ can be combined with our AG-9100 External Audible & Visual Remote Alarm, which can be conveniently located over 250 feet away from the condensate overflow switch.


  • Industry Leading Magnetic Float Switch for Metal Secondary Drain Pans
  • High Capacity 5 Amp, 24Volt AC Sensor
  • Easy, Drill-Free Installation
  • Residential and Commercial Applications
  • Lift Float Pin Test Knob
  • Protective Housing Keeps Out Insulation, Pests, and Debris
  • Normally Open 3rd Wire for Optional External Alarm, Digital Controller, or Energy Management System
  • US Patents and Patents Pending
  • UL 508 Approved


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