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1. Terms and conditions
Upon accessing this website, the user agrees to its terms and conditions, rules of functioning, legislation, as well as the manner in which local legislation applies. Should one disagree with these terms, he/she will be prevented from accessing it. The materials of this website are protected by copyright.

2. Use license
The present license does not allow one to :
copy or change available materials;
apply any software on furenking.com website
utilize the materials in commercial purposes or have them displayed publicly;
delete the copyright form or the owners details or place the respective materials on other servers.
In the event of violation of these terms and conditions, the license shall be ended by furenking.com. In case one has finished viewing the materials on the website and the license has expired, he/she has to delete all the materials downloaded.
If you violate these terms and conditions your license will be terminated

3. Errata and Revisions
One should remember the fact that the materials to be found on furenking.com could contain typing, technical or even photographic mistakes, as the website does not provide insurance on the accuracy or quality of the posted materials. furenking.com can bring changes to the materials without prior notification. Additionally, furenking.com offers no guarantees on the materials being constantly updated.

4. Disclaimer
The furenking.com website will not give warranties, neither implicit or expressed as such, and refuses other types of warranties, referring to merchantability or even violating rights.
In addition, the furenking.com website shall not provide guarantees concerning the outcomes of the use of the sites materials and of other connected sites.
Also, the furenking.com will not take credit for the pictures posted, as are all under copyright details. Should you find one of your pictures on the website and you wish to have it removed, do contact the site administrators with a link to the specific image and it shall be deleted immediately.

5. Limitations
The furenking.com or its suppliers shall not be deemed responsible for any harm caused (be it loss of data or profit) on account of the incapacity to use the materials on furenking.com site, despite furenking.com or a furenking.com agent has known of the existence of the damage. However, as there are jurisdictions where warranties cannot be limited, the above-mentioned ones might not apply to one.

6. Terms of use and modifications
furenking.com can change the terms and conditions of use whenever, without notifying the users priory. Upon starting to use the website, one agrees in an automatic manner to the terms and conditions.

7. Links
furenking.com has no responsibility concerning the other web links and has not verified them in advance. One can use the links found on the website, at his/her own risk.

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